"Experience the charming city of Dachau in 360° with the new 360° Booth!"

Interactive 360 ° animation action in Dachau

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In the age of shareable, brandable, user-generated content Photo Booth Deluxe In charge of generating great results for your corporate customers and participants in your event.

We offer these event modules in Dachau and throughout Germany

Our measures are tailored to the needs and perfection of our clients.
Of course, we also work with your creative agency.
We are always highly motivated with the intention of making your party unique and attractive.

Unique 360 degree films

The brand new 360 ° Booth is absolutely amazing to observe and experience. It takes up to 4 guests on its elevated platform while the studio-quality GoPro camera rotates around them at 120 frames per second and creates a fascinating video at variable speed. The result is then automatically adapted to your style, your emotions and your marketing message. In times of User-generated content our 360 ° VideoBooth stands out from many other systems when it comes to a special, brandable experience that is tailored to social media.

The following effects are available

  1. Slow motion video
    is recorded in the course of a sequence by the GoPro video camera in optimal image quality
  2. Event statistics
    Detailed information about usage and social sharing is available live
  3. Branding
    With an optional opening and closing video, the brand message and the company logo can be positioned in the shared video content.
  4. Graphic and video overlays
    An overlay graphic or video animation (e.g. {virtual confetti | snowflakes | glitter | light effects) can also be placed over the user's final video
  5. accessories
    are available in the form of fans, boas, veils, cash guns, etc.
    Every user has online access to HIS video
  7. volume
    is added to the finished video afterwards via an audio file.

What you get ...

  1. 49 ″ LCD screen
    As a direct attraction on site, the films are shown in their finished form on a large 49 ″ 4k LCD TV a few seconds after they have been recorded.
  2. Integrated people guidance system
    The elegant stainless steel pillars also serve as a people guidance system (also with LED light strip). This guarantees safe operation of the 360 ° video booth even when there is no ambient light.
  3. High quality 4-6 corner LED lights
    With up to 6 powerful RGB LED effect light bars on exclusive stainless steel stands, there is always enough light for the recordings.
  4. Construction of a 360 degree spincam system
    For larger parties (from 500 participants) a second identical system is available through our cooperation partner at identical prices. It usually takes about 30 seconds from the beginning of the recording to the display of the finished video. The phase that visitors need to prepare and the number of “recordings” a guest wants is difficult to predict. On average, however, one can assume a cycle time of approx. 3 minutes. The space requirement is approx. 4 × 4 meters. All you need is a 230V power connection in the immediate vicinity.

  5. In addition to the GDPR-compliant online gallery, it can also be sent by e-mail on site via an operator's iPad. If you want the video to be sent by email, please let us know your subject, the body text for the email and your desired signature. For this option, a sufficiently fast WLAN must be available on site.
  6. Copy of all films for you as a customer
    As proof of our work, you as the client will receive all films in the original version as well as the edited version immediately after the celebration.
  7. GDPR compliant video download for visitors
    Our unique download system ensures that each guest only has access to their film or videos. For this, every guest on the 360 ° booth receives a card with a preprinted random key. This code then fits exactly to this film.
  8. The system operator
    Every 360 ° booth is only as good as whoever is accompanying it. Our system operator is responsible for the technical process. He also takes care of addressing the participants and serves as a source of ideas if something “creativity” is required on the video booth.
  9. Video effects for the WOW factor
    As our customer, you can choose up to 12 effects for the clip from 192 options.
  10. Special SlowMotion accessories
    On request, we can bring suitable accessories that work well on SlowMotion videos. Confetti, cash gun, fans, towels, juggling balls, etc.
  11. Arrival and departure in Germany
    Only the kilometers driven are calculated.
  12. Design of the videos with intro / outro / overlay
    There are several options for branding the film. We would be happy to advise you on this point.
  13. Archiving the video data
    On request, we can save the data in an encrypted archive system for up to 12 months.

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The 360° VideoBooth is an innovative and fun idea to create memories of a special event. The Videobooth offers an excellent opportunity to make a special recording that is available in a completely new format. The video booth can also be used in Dachau and the surrounding area.

Guests using the video booth can stand on a platform surrounded by a camera. The camera then takes various shots of the podium, creating a 360-degree view of the guests. The results of these recordings are small but very precious memories that every guest can receive on their special day.

The video booth can also be used for events, parties or weddings. Guests can get together in small groups and create great memories of this special day.

Dachau is a beautiful city that offers many interesting sights. Visitors can, for example, visit the impressive Dachau Castle or the Museum of Church and Cultural History. A special attraction that you should definitely visit as a guest is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Dachau. In the galleries you can admire an impressive collection of works by artists from all over the world. It's a great way to discover the beauty of contemporary art.

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