Green Screen Layout Selctor
Provide the guests of the photo box with any number of green screen backgrounds to choose from

The green screen layout selector enables the guest to select their own green screen background for each photo on the photobooth.
Insider Premium and Insider Elite members of the Photobooth Academy can use the Greenscreen Profiler free of charge during membership.

The charge is made by
The green screen selector can be downloaded directly from this page.
Please test it with the 15 day trial before purchasing.


The current version of the Layout Selector can be downloaded here:

Unzip the zip file, for example, to C: \ LayoutSelector and copy the desired backgrounds into the Layouts subfolder.

The sample images can be deleted.

The file name for the backgrounds must begin with BG_ and it must be a JPEG file in the RGB color space.

The number of backgrounds does not matter 1-10000.

  1. The license data will be in the file settings.ini entered in the profile folder after copying.
  2. Open this file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and enter the license key after LicenseKey = and the order ID from the purchase confirmation after PurchaseID =. Without these lines or with incorrect data, the software starts in the 14-day and fully functional test mode.
  3. When the program is started for the first time, the computer must be online. If a lifetime license has been purchased, the system can then be operated permanently without internet access.
  4. If a time-based license was acquired (e.g. monthly as part of the Photobooth Academy membership), the computer must be online once in each billing period when the program is started in order to query the validity of the license.
  5. To deactivate the license for a computer, while the program is running, an icon appears in the icon area next to the clock. A right-click on the sybol provides the function DEACTIVATE

The green screen profiler is controlled via the Settings.ini file. This must be in the same folder as the exe file.

purchase_id = Order ID from the purchase confirmation
license_key = Licencekey from your purchase confirmation

The Settings parameters are described directly in the Settings file.
In addition, there are PDF instructions in the program folder (but in English)

The program is started by a double click on LayoutSelector.exe.

The positioning of the background images is done automatically.
The Selection.jpg file from the profile folder is used as the background. This must have the resolution of the screen and is not scaled.

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