GDPR status handler for DSLRRemotePro

Documentation of Photobooth Deluxe
Stand: 03/2019
Version 1.0

Installation of the GDPR Status Handler for DSLR RemotePro

Simply use the "Download Status Handler" button above to download.

Unpack the zip file into any folder.

The serial number will be sent to you by email after purchase at
Enter the serial number and the orderID in the file Settings.ini in the first block.

purchase_id = Order ID from Digistore Email
license_key = License key from Digistore Email

Without a serial number, a warning message appears and the product is started in trial / demo mode. It is fully functional for 15 days.

  1. The entire control of the GDPR status handler takes place via the StatusHandler_Settings.ini file.

    Here you can specify which input of a guest on the disclaimer screen should be responded to.

    The response is based on the values in the XML file that Breeze saves along with the images for each sequence.
    For example, the answers to the User_Survey_Screens are also saved in this file.
    Each line of this XML file can be used as a condition for an action block.

    A so-called action block looks like this:

    Delay = 5
    Condition = 1 <
    action = COPY
    path = Client
    originals = false
    prints = true
    xml = false

    Which function do the values have?

    Defines an action block. The number must be unique.
    Any number of action blocks can be defined.

    This delay value in seconds indicates how long a certain action should be waited for.
    For example, if you want to automatically delete the images from the system after one minute, then enter 60 here.
    Basically, I would not choose values less than 5 seconds in order to avoid concurrent access to files.

    Line or part of a line from the XML file that DSLRRemotePro saves with the image.

    Copy copies the file to the specified location
    Move moves the file to the specified location
    Delete deletes the file

    The destination folder for COPY or MOVE.
    For example, if only the client is specified, then it is a relative path below the picture folder.
    Alternatively, a complete path such as D: \ Photobooth can be specified.

    True / False
    True means that the original recording (s) of the camera will be copied / moved / deleted.
    False means that the original recording (s) are ignored during this action.

    True / False
    True means that the file in the Prints folder will be copied / moved / deleted.
    False means that the file in the prints folder is ignored during this action.

    True / False
    True means that the XML file that is saved with the image will be copied / moved / deleted.
    False means that the XML file saved with the image will be disregarded in this action.


Advanced users can put a StatusHandler_Settings.ini in each DSLRRemotePro profile folder to make individual settings for each profile.
The search order of StatusHandler_Settings.ini is available in the profile folder (special case) and then in the folder from which StatusHandler.exe was started (default case).

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