Rent a photo box? No problem!

Would you like to rent a photo booth (also called photobooth) from a local provider in your region for your company party, wedding or other event? No problem.

Rent a photo box in Würzburg and the surrounding area?

In the area of Wurzburg, Schweinfurt and Kitzingen they are looked after directly by Jürgen Mayr from Photobooth-Deluxe.

Fotobox mieten Würzburg

Rent a photo box for one or more other locations?

In other locations, we will be happy to forward your request to one of our more than 500 photobooth partners Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We establish contact with the partner and you can get to a competent local photo box partner with little effort.

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Date, time and place of the event



I confirm that I am at least 16 years old and I consent to the collection, storage and processing of my personal data by Photobooth-Deluxe in accordance with the Privacy policy - for the purpose of processing my request - too. The consent I can at any time informally by e-mail restrict or revoke. 

Green screen:
The guest is photographed against a green background and this is replaced by a motif of his choice.
You can stand in front of a Caribbean beach, on a cruise ship or next to the latest luxury limousine.

Branding the box:
The outer surfaces of the photobooth are designed according to your specifications.
You get Photoshop & InDesign templates for the layouts. We take care of the rest.

Branding the screens:
In addition to the external surfaces of the photobooth, the flow screens that the guest sees during a photobooth sequence can also be designed according to your taste or your CI.

Privacy protection in online and offline gallery:
Perfect service for the guests and still work in compliance with data protection regulations. Our privacy setup enables both.
Each guest receives his picture with a unique ID. This is the only way he can download the picture on site to his smartphone or download it from the Internet the next day.
No code => no picture!

Multi Print option:
If one printout is not enough, the multiprint option can optionally be switched on.
This ensures that every guest receives a printout when taking a group recording.

Background System:
If the location does not offer a suitable background, we can help out with a background system.

On-site support
Do you want to be on the safe side with number 1000%? Then we are happy to look after the system on site and can intervene immediately in the event of an emergency.

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