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"Experience the event from all angles - with the 360° Booth in Vaterstetten!"

The 360° VideoBooth is a revolutionary way to capture special moments. It makes videos in the best resolution and enables a unique 360° recording. With just a single button press, you can record exciting videos that capture the whole group or family. It's the perfect solution for anyone looking for an unusual gift idea or an interactive experience. The VideoBooth is perfect for events in Vaterstetten: Perfect for private birthdays, school enrollment parties, anniversaries, anniversary celebrations, festivals, galas, trade fair events and much more. Thanks to its ease of use and modern design, it is an eye-catcher at every event. The VideoBooth allows guests to stand on the pedestal and the camera wraps around the pedestal so you can record a video that captures all of the guests. One of the most enchanting destinations near Vaterstetten is the castle ruins of Wolfstein. It was built in the early Middle Ages and is now a popular destination. The ruined castle offers spectacular views of the countryside and is a popular photo opportunity. Visitors can also take an interesting walk there and discover a variety of historical monuments. A visit to the ruins of Wolfstein Castle is an absolute must for anyone planning a unique excursion into the region's history and natural beauty.

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"Experience the magic with a 360° booth in Wermelskirchen!"

The 360° Videobooth is an innovative technology that enables guests and visitors to create memories that will last a lifetime. If you use video booth technology in Wermelskirchen, your guests will have unforgettable memories of your event. The 360° video booth consists of a camera mounted on a pedestal. The camera then rotates around the podium as the guests stand on the podium, capturing a 360° video. The video can then be shared with all guests after the event via an online link. A special attraction in Wermelskirchen is the old town hall, which was built in 1572. It is a fine example of medieval architecture and offers a glimpse of the city's history. Nowadays, the Old Town Hall houses a museum that takes visitors on a journey through the history of Wermelskirchen and at the same time on an exploration of the possibilities that modern technology offers. A visit to the old town hall is worthwhile if you use the video booth technology in Wermelskirchen.

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"Experience the future of event technology: Experience the 360° Booth in Sangerhausen!"

With the 360° VideoBooth it is possible to create a unique video experience. This interactive video booth enables guests in Sangerhausen to make an unforgettable video of their event. The 360° VideoBooth consists of a camera that runs around the guests on the platform so that all participants are filmed in a panoramic video. Guests can move, laugh, and shout during the recording to record their excitement. In addition, you can add various effects, such as music, animations, graphics and much more. This allows guests to create a unique video memory that will remind them of the event forever. With the 360° VideoBooth, guests in Sangerhausen can also share the experience and share their video directly on their social media channels. So they can send their friends and fans a unique video. Guests can also enter a competition where they can use the video to show off their skills. Sangerhausen is a beautiful city with many sights. A special sight that you should definitely visit as a guest is the town church of St. Marien. The church is the oldest church in Sangerhausen and was built in the 11th century. The impressive tower of the church is a visible symbol of the city. Today the church is still used for church services and concerts and is a must for all visitors to Sangerhausen.

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"Experience the full effect of a 360° booth experience in Lübbecke!"

Experience unique video experiences with Photobooth Deluxe's new 360° VideoBooth technology. This powerful technology allows you to record interactive, animated videos of yourself and your guests at your next event in Lübbecke. With the 360° VideoBooth you can capture your guests with a smooth 360° video in a single shot. The process is simple and straightforward. Your guests stand on the pedestal and the camera then moves around them automatically. Meanwhile, your guests are able to take animated actions to personalize the shot. You'll end up with a short but powerful video that you can share with your guests or keep as a memento of the day. The quality of the video is incredible and the camera is capable of capturing quality video even in low light conditions. With this unique technology you can capture every moment for eternity and your guests will be amazed. During your time in Lübbecke you should pay a visit to Nordkirchen Castle. This castle was built in the 18th century and is one of the largest castle complexes in Europe. There are many exciting sights to discover, from the impressive exterior facade to the magnificent halls and the palace park. One thing is for sure, Nordkirchen Castle will give you an unforgettable experience.

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Event in Dinslaken: experience the 360° booth experience!

The 360° VideoBooth makes it possible to capture unique and unforgettable moments in a single video. It is a special attraction at functions and events, and a unique video experience for guests. The 360° VideoBooth for Dinslaken is a fully automated system that helps your guests create a unique video experience. The video booth has a special floor on which the camera moves and takes the video. The camera moves around a pedestal on which the guests are standing. In addition, they can live a unique experience while being recorded. The result of the 360° VideoBooth is a wonderful video that shows the guests in a unique look and feel. They can share the video on their social media channels or keep it as a reminder of the event. A 360° VideoBooth combines a first-class experience with unforgettable memories. A special tip for guests who are in Dinslaken is a visit to the Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord. This park is the largest landscape park in Europe and offers unique leisure opportunities and natural wonders. It is the perfect place to combine the traditional industrial ruins with the natural environment and create a unique experience.

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"Experience the event from all angles: The 360° Booth in Taunusstein!"

Anyone looking for an unforgettable experience should try the 360° VideoBooth in Taunusstein. The VideoBooth is a camera that moves around a pedestal on which the guests stand. Impressive video clips are created there, which give you the feeling of an unforgettable day and moment. The VideoBooth is a unique experience that is not only fun, but also generates unique video material for future memories. It is used all over the world to capture the feeling of a special moment. In Taunusstein, the VideoBooth can be used at events, parties, weddings, anniversaries and many other events. At the VideoBooth, guests in groups of up to 8 people can climb onto the pedestal while the camera pans around them. This camera then records a 360° video in high quality. The VideoBooth also offers some other features, such as adding music, emoticons or even inserting your own photos to make the clip even more individual. The VideoBooth experience is unique and unforgettable. Guests who try out the VideoBooth in Taunusstein receive unique video material to preserve their memories of the special day. Taunusstein is located in the heart of the Taunus, which is known for its untouched nature and romantic landscape. One of the special highlights near Taunusstein is the castle ruins of Falkenstein. This 13th-century ruin is a popular destination for anyone wanting to explore Taunusstein's natural and historical past.

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"Bring your event to life - Experience 360° Booth in Kamp-Lintfort!"

The 360° VideoBooth is an innovative new way to create videos. It works in such a way that a camera moves slowly around a pedestal on which the guests are standing, recording a 360° video. This video delivers an immersive experience that your guests will remember long after the event. Kamp-Lintfort is the perfect place to use the 360° VideoBooth. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or company party, the entire group is captured on video and everyone becomes part of the experience. Imagine how amazed your guests are when they are viewed from all sides and can still see themselves in the 360° video. The results are unique and make the video an unforgettable experience. A visit to Kamp-Lintfort is also worthwhile for sights away from the 360° VideoBooth. Right in the city center is Kamp-Lintfort Castle, which looks back on a long history. It was once a castle and a residence of the Princely House of Orange-Nassau. Today it houses a museum where you can get an insight into the history of the region. Definitely worth a visit.

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. "Come to Falkensee and experience the incredible world of the 360° Booth!"

360° VideoBooth - A unique experience for your guests in Falkensee. The VideoBooth is a unique and fun experience that takes photography to a whole new level and is even more fun for your guests. The 360° VideoBooth is a combination of a camera that moves over a pedestal and software that saves the recordings and creates a breathtaking 360° video recording. The VideoBooth will offer your guests an incredible experience while also producing spectacular video clips and photos from different angles. Depending on the settings, a video can be recorded in Full HD and sent to your guests. Your guests will love the experience! They will stand on the pedestal and take a picture of themselves with a unique 360° VideoBooth selfie as the camera sweeps overhead. A stunning video and photos to send to your guests or share directly on your social media pages. The VideoBooth is a fun and interactive way to make your guests' experience in Falkensee even more memorable. While your guests have a unique 360° video experience, you can relax on the great day and enjoy the beautiful nature. In the immediate vicinity of Falkensee is the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere, which is an active nature reserve and one of the largest contiguous forest areas in Europe. It is a wonderfully species-rich habitat, with countless lakes, meadows and forests. Here your guests can observe a variety of plants and animals while walking along beautiful hiking trails. A visit to the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed as a guest in Falkensee.

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"Experience the world from a new perspective: The 360° Booth at the event in Meerbusch"

Would you like to welcome your guests in Meerbusch in a special way? Then a 360° VideoBooth is just the right thing. This innovative system consists of a circular pedestal that guests stand on and a camera that moves around the pedestal, capturing video from all directions. This allows you to create a unique video that will reflect the atmosphere of your event. Depending on the number of guests, different video formats can be created. For example, you can create a video that shows all guests in a single video. Or you decide on a sequence of small videos, each of which shows individual guests and is then combined into one large video. Thanks to the 360° VideoBooth, your guests no longer have to wait in a long line to record their video. The technology costs are also extremely low, since no additional hardware is required. The 360° VideoBooth is specially designed to be easy and quick to use, so you don't have to worry. But the Meerbusch area has much more to offer than just a 360° video booth. In the vicinity you will find some sights that are worth a visit. A trip to Monrepos, which is only a few kilometers from Meerbusch, is particularly recommended. Monrepos is an impressive castle and park area situated on the banks of the Rhine. Discover the castle park with its upper and lower terraces, the mini park, the lake and the pavilion and relax in the picturesque landscaped garden. Monrepos is a true natural gem and an absolute must for any visitor to Meerbusch.

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"Design your event in Weyhe with a 360° booth and make it unforgettable!"

The 360° VideoBooth is a great idea to remember events in Weyhe even better. This innovative video booth makes it possible to record unique videos in a very short time. The whole process takes only a few seconds after the guests climb the podium. The VideoBooth records a 360° panorama. The camera moves around the platform that the guests have climbed, capturing authentic moments. All videos can then be shared with friends and family via social media or directly via email. The 360° VideoBooth is a great addition to events in Weyhe. It gives every celebration and celebration an extra portion of fun. Thanks to modern technology, guests can view and share the recording immediately after the event. If you are in Weyhe, you should definitely visit the Lüneburg Heath wildlife park. The park covers a stunning 57 hectares. Here you have the unique opportunity to observe different species of wild animals in their natural environment. For example, you can see deer, wild boar, mouflon and foxes. There are also some bird species that can be observed in the Lüneburg Heath. There is also a small café here that offers delicious regional delicacies. The Lüneburg Heath wildlife park is a worthwhile day trip from Weyhe!

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