Breeze DSLRRemotePro add-ons

Breeze DSLRRemotePro is in my eyes for a very simple reason the BEST PHOTOBOOTHS SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD.

What they can not do by heart can be programmed through the many open interfaces.

Here is an overview of the currently freely available add-on modules for DSLR Remote Pro.

If you have your own ideas or ideas, but can not implement them, then get in touch.

Breeze2GreenscreenWizard (Breeze2GSW)

Green screen use in the photo booth area has become the standard rather than the exception.

With Breeze2GSW, the best photobooth software was married with the best exemption software and 100% integrated into the process.

Although the following blog article is now a bit dated (because everything has become much more comfortable), but it shows well why this cooperation makes a lot of sense. For the blog article Breeze2GSW

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Breeze2GSW

Before-After Photo Booth

There are many occasions in which before and after shots are interesting, funny or marketing extremely sensible.

For example, at the hairdresser, in the beauty salon, in the fitness club, at the wild water course, etc.

Before-After-Photobooth extends Breeze with the possibility of combining time-separated recordings and creating new print products and digital formats from them.

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Before-After Photo Booth


How about if your photobooth earns money in the time it is not rented by automatically creating biometric passport photos?

One could, for example, address four large supermarkets in the region and organize a passport photo Saturday there once a month.

More information & prices are here. Breeze2Passport

DSGVO compliant online gallery

The only WordPress plugin I know that enables a GDPR-compliant online gallery for photo booth operators.

The marketing information can be found here. 


Further information, prices and instructions are here. Online gallery for WordPress

Breeze status handler

It all started with the GDPR. The desire to react flexibly to the inputs of users during a photo booth sequence was born.

With the Breeze status handler, the guest can decide for himself whether his picture should be shown in an online gallery or on a projector slideshow.

Companies that are very strict with the GDPR can now use the status handler to have the system automatically delete the images 60 seconds after they were taken.

As a small additional plug-in, the Breeze status handler can also be used for green screen video booth.

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Breeze status handler

Buzzer Pro

The desire to be able to control the photobooth via a quiz show buzzer is probably just as old as the photobooth itself.

Often, however, the challenge is that the buzzer should react to different screens with different actions. For example, no command from the buzzer should be accepted on a selection screen for green screen backgrounds or for a print layout. Or the same buzzer should send F6 to the photobooth software on the welcome screen, F4 on the ready screen, Ctrl + R on the preview view (to repeat an image) and an A on the confirm printing page to trigger the printout .

BuzzerPro was developed precisely for this purpose.

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Buzzer Pro

AI Background Remover

Green screen with no green background

Set the background in the picture freely without a green screen. With AI Background Remove, the background of an image is removed by a neural network (also known as artificial intelligence), so that any background can then be inserted. 

Further information, prices and instructions are here. AI Background Remover

Green Screen Profiler

Green screen with a background is nice, but as a photobooth provider you won't win a flower pot anymore.

It gets interesting when the guests can choose from several backgrounds. The disadvantage of this is that preparing the relevant profiles is not only time consuming, but also prone to errors.

The green screen profiler reduces the effort to less than 1 minute and enables 6 backgrounds and any combination of print size (4 × 6 and 6 × 8 inch), output type (save only, single print, multiprint with up to 5 prints), disclaimer screen (an / off) and FotoPin (on / off).

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Green Screen Profiler

Green screen layout selector

A very powerful alternative plugin to the Green Screen Profiler is the layout selector.

It was created as a customer project to look for the favorite from the 32 teams of the football World Cup on a screen and to take a picture with a suitable overlay and green screen background.

This idea has become a layout control tool with which one can offer an infinite number of backgrounds with a single Breeze profile. It even goes a step further. For a collage with 3 pictures, the guest can even choose three backgrounds and the desired order.

So if you are able to create a DSLR Remote Pro profile yourself, but don't feel like copying it 20 times and only adjusting little things, then the Layout Selector is the right tool for you.

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Layout selector


Two goals are pursued with the PrintCounter Pro.

On the one hand it is an information tool with which the current meter reading of the printer can be displayed on the screen and with which one can be informed by SMS and / or email about certain limit values. Useful for unsupervised rental or permanent installations.

Second, new billing and operating models are made possible. Switching off the Photobooth at a certain point in time or after a certain period of use. Deactivation of the printouts after a certain number of prints with the possibility of activating further prints or further time using a code (which can be purchased online, for example)

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Print Counter Pro

Canon FreezeBug Solution

This combination of hardware and software is small but nice. A kind of socket that can switch screens on or off depending on the DSLR RemotePro.

Further information, prices and instructions are here. Canon FreezeBug