Your virtual photo booth ~ your virtual photo booth

The smartphones of your guests become your photo booth

  • Give your guests' selfie a frame that allows yours Event fits. 
  • Turn a selfie from your guests into a real one Event souvenir.
  • Perfect for virtual events
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Thats how it works

Magical exchange of the background

A special unique feature of our virtual photo box is the magical removal of the background.

Virtual Photo BoothVirtual Photo Booth

Combine image with multiple backgrounds

Each picture in the virtual photo box can be combined with any number of backgrounds at no additional charge.
So there is no longer any reason to argue about the right background :)
Each guest thus gets their desired background. 

Virtual Photo Booth
Original image

GDPR compliant online gallery

Every e-mail address that sends pictures to the virtual photo box receives its own online gallery in which the pictures of the event from this e-mail address are collected. From there, they can be downloaded, emailed and shared on social media.

The highlight:
As a client, you will receive a master key with which you have access to all pictures in a collective gallery that were taken with the virtual photo box. It can not get easier.

One exampleYou can find out what this gallery looks like in the Reply e-mail from the virtual photo box if you trying it out.


How does this work?

  • Yours Guests send an email to with a picture attached.
  • As soon as the e-mail has been sent, it will be taken from the virtual photo box
    • receive
    • processed (i.e. :)
      • provided with your overlay
      • the background may be exchanged and replaced by another
      • placed in the online gallery 
    • and the guest gets an e-mail back with a link pointing him to his personal Gallery forwards. 

What is the magic of background removal?

This revolutionary background removal is one of the greatest technological advances in Photo Booth in recent years. WHY? 
BECAUSE your picture (or the pictures of your guests) of one artificial intelligence be revised and redesigned. It analyzes, processes and changes the background independently in the shortest possible time. 

UNFORTUNATELY this service is not available for free. 
As a rule, this service has to be paid for per processed image. See also (
However, we take a different approach and provide this service for a flat rate.
So you don't have to worry about how high the bill will be in the end. All costs are fixed in advance.

INDEED: When using the magic background removal, only about 20 images can be processed per minute.
So don't upload too many photos at once.
Should we regretfully discover that e.g. B. a guest sends all photos of his mobile phone to see what they look like with different backgrounds, we would be prompted to block this email address.  

Can i use my own design?

You have a little graphic know-how and would like to create your own overlay. No problem. We are happy to include this for you at no extra charge. The overlay graphic is a PNG file with the dimensions 1844 x 1240 pixels. The color space must be RGB and the point at which the photo is later to be visible must be made transparent.

Can I also use my own backgrounds?

Of course. If the option for magical background removal was booked, you can send as many backgrounds as you want (should stay within the frame). Each photo is then combined with each background and made available in the online gallery. A background is a JPG file in RGB color space with the dimensions 1844 × 1240 pixels.

How long does it take until the guest receives the answer from the virtual photo box?

Let's put it that way. The processing time of the photo box is approx. 5 seconds. The rest of the time is spent sending and receiving the email. Experience has shown that the response from the virtual photo box arrives at the guest within 1-2 minutes at the latest.

Can I add my own text to the e-mail response?

Yes, that is also possible. Not everything can be implemented (e.g. complex graphic designs), but nothing is nicer than getting an answer with a few nice words from the host.

Can I distribute the hours booked in the virtual photo box over the day?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. But you can easily book 3 hours for one day (e.g. hen party) and toast 5 hours for another day (wedding party) in a second booking. This even has the advantage that you can choose different designs and layouts for the days.

What data do I get as a client?

With the master key of the online gallery you have access to all photos and can download them with one click.
If you wish, you can also get a statistical analysis of the gallery usage, the number of uploaded, downloaded and shared images, the number of clicks on shared photos, etc.

Is there any way to get prints of the best pictures?

We thought of that too.
There is an option for picture packages when booking.
The professional quality printouts will be sent to you by post immediately after the event.

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