Photobooth Deluxe The ultimate photo box fun for your event

Photo box model "All in one"

The "all-in-one" Photo Booth Inside there is room for a DNP DS-620 printer.

These Fotobox is intended for anyone who wants to leave the Photobooth even without personal attention at an event.

Space for the printer puts everything in a lockable case.

On the right side of the Photobooth is a discharge slot. A shapely, flexibly stored drip tray for prints up to 15 × 20 cm as well as an access protection against overzealous child / customer hands made of acrylic glass is included.

The flash can either be mounted in the photo box or in a few simple steps on the roof.

A silent fan and a sophisticated circulation concept ensure a reliable removal of the waste heat.

There are three different substructure variants available.

The photo box “ALL IN ONE - TOWER” offers plenty of space for accessories and accessories as well as maximum branding space to optimally present the customer's brand and advertising message on the photo box. The substructure is available with either four lockable castors or with rubber feet on request.

If the photo box is transported frequently, I recommend the light tripod version of the substructure. These are optionally available with a Stoffhusse as cladding. As a special effect, this can be illuminated from the inside with an ambient lighting.

A custom-made soft case with carrying handles is available for transporting the photo box.

Photo box model "Travelbooth"

The Fotobox Model "Travel Booth“Is intended for everyone who wants to offer the best photobooth quality without compromising on the smallest possible pack size. The Travelbooth can be transported in any Smart.

The height-adjustable, sturdy tripod can be covered with a cover and backlit. Alternatively, a sturdy plate stand is also available.
In both cases, the photo box is secured against twisting by a patented process. 

A studio flash on the Photobooth or system flashes inside the Travelbooth are available as flash. For best results, I recommend the studio flash.

 A custom-made soft case with carrying handles is available for transporting the photo box.

You want one Rent a photo box or a Buy Photobooth?

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