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The Photobooth-Deluxe company has been gathering experience with various photo boxes and photo booth systems for more than 20 years. With the triumph of digital photography, new opportunities arose for the use of photo booths. In the search engines on the Internet you can find the offers as a photo box photo booth photo booth. We are proud to have been making our contribution to the further development of flexible and modern photo boxes since 2005. There are now more than 800 systems on the market in Europe and neighboring third countries. We took over in 2013 Sales of Photobooth, The best-selling models are the highly transportable Travel Booth and the system with the printer attached All-in-One.

Service makes the difference ...

As a company managed by Jürgen Mayr, Photobooth-Deluxe focuses on the sale of photobooth systems and the corresponding software to service providers in the photo and event industries. For private or business events, they offer the photobooth Photo Booth or rent it out. In our online shop, transportable photo booth systems including touch screens and printers are available as well as the entire range of necessary accessories and consumables. Customers value the large number of possible layouts, the provision of a legally verified rental contract and the highly specialized green screen software as added value. Excellent service is important to us. Our customer advisors always have an ear for users' problems and are open to special solutions.

Training courses for photo booth software

Whether weddings, children's birthdays or company events - modern photo booth systems only really show their advantages when the advantages of modern software are fully used. This creates creative and appealing souvenir photos that make the event unforgettable. Sharing photos on social media such as Facebook and Twitter is no problem with the innovative software. In order for the flexible photo boxes with a few accessories provided to ensure fun at every party and also inspire the young generation, the on-site supervisors must be able to master the software and solve any problems that arise quickly. To do this, they need appropriate knowledge. Photobooth-Deluxe is a recognized expert in the market for the Breeze Photobooth software ( and trains the users. However, we also offer introductions to other photobooth systems. A comprehensive training concept is under to disposal.

Photobooth quality - Made in Germany

The Photobooth-Deluxe company has been collecting experience with various photobooth systems for more than 20 years. All of our photo booth systems are produced and constructed “Made in Germany”.

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