Green Screen Profiler
How to replace six backgrounds in 20 seconds

The Greenscreen Profiler saves you at least 20-30 minutes of working time when setting your Greenscreen Multilayout Profile every time you use it. At the same time, you are flexible on site to react to change requests from your customer (different print size / print option / lettering / background images).

Insider Premium and Insider Elite members of the Photobooth Academy can use the Greenscreen Profiler free of charge during membership.

The adaptation of the standard layout to your own wishes or your screen resolution is billed on a time basis in 10 minute units of 15 € plus VAT. Of course, you can also make the changes yourself if you wish. 


The charge is made by
The Green Screen Profiler can be downloaded directly after purchase.
The download link will be sent with the purchase confirmation.


The download link will be sent directly after purchase by Digistore24 via e-mail.

Unzip the zip file into the folder where you normally store your profiles. You can also easily rename the folder.

If ImageMagick is not installed on the system, it still needs to be installed. You can tell by clicking on Start Profiler that the images are not visible on the selection screen. Download here:
  1. In the subfolder Layout archive \ admin there is the file settings.ini.
  2. Open this file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and enter the license key after LicenseKey = and the order ID from the purchase confirmation after PurchaseID =. Without these lines or with incorrect data, the software starts in the 14-day and fully functional test mode.
  3. When the program is started for the first time, the computer must be online. If a lifetime license has been purchased, the system can then be operated permanently without internet access.
  4. If a time-based license was acquired (e.g. monthly as part of the Photobooth Academy membership), the computer must be online once in each billing period when the program is started in order to query the validity of the license.
  5. To deactivate the license for a computer, while the program is running, an icon appears in the icon area next to the clock. A right-click on the sybol provides the function DEACTIVATE
  1. Since every system has different printers, drivers and firmware combinations, it is necessary to adapt the printer driver on the target system once. There is a subfolder so that not all profiles have to be changed manually Layout archive \ admin two DSLRRemotePro profiles.
  2. The profile 4x6h.xml is for 4 × 6 inch / 10 × 15 cm prints.
  3. The profile 6x8h.xml is for 6 × 8 inch / 15 × 20 cm prints.
  4. Load each profile once in DSLRRemotePro and fit under there Print layout... the printer settings.
  5. With the function Print Test Page you can test if everything is set up correctly.
  6. If you want to deviate from the supplied standard in the overlay, then you can set this up as well.
  7. After setup, save the XML file and overwrite the existing version.
  8. To transfer the new settings to all profiles of the Green Screen Profiler, simply double-click on the file TagChanger.exe. This program ensures that printer settings, captions and image position in the print layout are transferred to the other profiles.
The program is started by a double click on GS_Profiler_GUI.exe in the folder Layout archive \ admin. To create a shortcut on the desktop for quick access, simply right-click on GS_Profiler_GUI.exe click and in the menu Send to => Desktop choose.
  1. Exchange of wallpapers, overlays and Live_View_Overlays The first step is about Open Images Folder the input folder of the Green Screen Profiler is opened. The six background files, the overlay and the live_view_overlay must be copied into this folder. We have to start the file names as follows: BG_ for the six background files OV_ for the overlay file LOV_ for a possible Live_View_Overlay file If all files are available, the folder can be closed.
  2. Select the print size and options In the second step, the print size (10 × 15 cm or 15 × 20 cm) is selected and the print option. At only save / no printout the guest is asked whether he wants to save or discard the picture. At Single Print he can choose between printing (a printout) and continuing without a printout (is saved anyway). At Multi Print the guest can print 1-5 copies or choose to continue without printing.
  3. FotoPin & online gallery The option Photo pin activated ensures that the caption 1 / Caption 1 is activated or deactivated in the profiles. The profiles are set so that in Caption 1 the URL to the online gallery (EventString5) and the FotoPIN {uid} are output on the printouts.
  4. Disclaimer The option Disclaimer activated displays a disclaimer screen during the photobooth sequence after it starts. Technically, it is a so-called user survey / poll.
  5. event name When using the online gallery, the event name A gallery code can be defined with which all images of an event can be seen. This can be passed on to the organizer, for example. It must consist of three letters and 5 numbers. For example: ABC12345
  6. EventString 1-4 These fields are intended for the following use: EventString1: First name of the bride EventString2: & (ie the & character between the names) EventString3: First name of the groom EventString4: Date of the event
  7. EventString 5 Using the online gallery and activated FotoPIN can at EventString5 the URL to the gallery will be entered.
  8. Start Profiler If all values are entered, you can use Start Profiler background processing is started and all necessary programs (DSLRRemotePro and possibly Breeze2GSW) are executed.
The adaptation of the flow screens to your own layout or a different screen resolution requires knowledge of profile editing. The graphics of the sequence screens can easily be exchanged 1: 1 for your own if the screen resolution and the position of the buttons remain unchanged. I am available on an hourly basis for further adjustments. Experience has shown that a complete changeover takes between 1.5 and 3 hours once the graphic work has been completed.

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