AI Background Remove
Remove your background without a green backdrop

With AI Background Remove the background of an image is replaced by an neuronal network (aka AI artifactial intelligence).

t_BFA22092_SSO94256_ORG t_BFA22092_SSO94256_RB
Original_1 Remove_1
Original_2a Original_2b

In diesem Dropboxordner stehen weitere hochauflösende Bilder im Original und in der freigestellten Version zur Verfügung:

Technical Requirements and possible restrictions for an event

  • Breeze DSLRRemotePro as Photobooth software is currently 100% supported.
  • DSLRBooth is working with a single background
  • Internet access - The speed of the background removal depends to 90% on the internet access speed. Approx. 1.5 MB of data are uploaded / downloaded per image.
  • In comparison to the conventional offline greenscreen process, the billing is done per masked image.
  • Since the background removal is performed by so-called artificial intelligence, there is no direct influence on the result. So it can happen that things disappear which should remain and that things remain which should disappear:) However, these pictures don't have to be paid for and help to train the system better and better.
  • No replaced background in Live View. The background is only replaced on the final photo.

The charge is made by
After booking, we will be happy to help you set up the program on the photo box.


Here the current version can be downloaded. => 291706_AIBackgroundRemove => neueste Version

Copy files to a lokal folder like C:\AIRemoveBackground.
It is highly discouraged to choose a folder that is syncronized via DropBox, GoogleDrive or similar.
Within the program folder, many temporary files are temporarily stored at runtime and this would force the Internet connection massively to its knees and consume unnecessary data volume.

  1. The license data from the Digistrore24 order mail is stored in the file settings.ini which is located in the program folder after copying.
  2. Open this file with a text editor (eg Notepad) and enter the license key behind LicenseKey = and the order ID from the purchase confirmation after PurchaseID =.
  3. The computer must be online for use.
  4. To deactivate the license for a computer, while the program is running, an icon appears in the icon area next to the clock. A right-click on the sybol provides the function DEACTIVATE

The program is controlled via the Settings.ini file. This file must be located in the same folder as the executable file.

purchase_id = Order ID from the purchase confirmation
license_key = Licencekey from your purchase confirmation

The Settings parameters are described directly in the Settings file.

  1. In the DSLR Remote Pro profile a timeout of 40 seconds must be entered under Advanced Settings => Output Settings => Delay before creating print layout.
  2. The background must be names greenscreen_background.jpg and must be placed in the profile folder.
  3. The profile must be loaded via Advanced Settings / Profiles.
  4. To test the feature, a human, a cat or a car must be in front of the photobooth.
  1. You must activate greenscreen
  2. At Settings => Effects => Post-Processing you must activate the checkbox before Enable and you have to select the EXE-file from step 2. 
  3. The backgroundfile must be located in the subfolderfolder "Background" within the folder from step 2 with the name greenscreen_background.jpg
  4. To test the feature, a human, a cat or a car must be in front of the photobooth.

The program is started by double-clicking Remove_BG.exe. Alternatively, a link to this EXE file can also be placed in the Autostart folder.

At the first start you should confirm that the application is registered in DSLRRemotePro.

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