Photobooth-Deluxe cooperates with biometric company BioID

Photobooth-Deluxe cooperates with biometric company BioID

Ochsenfurt and Nuremberg, October 30, 2020

Photobooth-Deluxe, a provider of photobooth / photo box systems from Lower Franconia, has been optimizing the quality and possible uses of automated photo systems for over 10 years. Thanks to the cooperation with the Nuremberg-based software specialist for biometric face recognition BioID, a cost-effective and fully automatic self-service system for biometric passport photos and employee photos is now available.

Originated from the wishes of the customers

Photo box systems have long since ceased to be used only for fun at weddings and company celebrations. Many companies are discovering the possibility of automated employee photos. According to Photobooth Deluxe owner Jürgen Mayr, a frequent decision criterion is permanent availability without the use of personnel. The fully automatic photo boxes are easy to use and designed for the highest quality. The biometric employee recordings generated in this way are used on the company ID cards and make the workflow when applying for travel documents much easier, since a current passport photo is always available for each employee.

Increase the service in the citizens' office

This functionality is also appreciated internationally at the Citizens' Office in Slovenia when applying for ID documents and driving licenses. The advantage for the municipalities lies in the ease of use and the fully automatic creation of biometric-compatible passport photos.

In places where the municipality does not want to offer its own passport photos, shops in the immediate vicinity of the registration office take the opportunity to expand their range with passport photos from the space-saving photo box. The whole thing is financed through risk-free profit sharing, as the hardware is provided by Photobooth-Deluxe from 50 passport photos per month.

About Photobooth-Deluxe

For more than 10 years, the company Photobooth-Deluxe has been gaining experience with various photo boxes and photo booth systems. With the triumph of digital photography, there were new possibilities for the use of photo booths. We are proud to have made our contribution to the further development of flexible and modern photo booths since 2005. There are now over 500 systems on the market in Europe and neighboring countries.

The company Photobooth-Deluxe, led by Jürgen Mayr, focuses on the sale of photobooth systems and the corresponding software. For private or business use, Photobooth-Deluxe offers the provision of the photo box on a rental or purchase basis.
Our guiding principle is: The service makes the difference.

About BioID GmbH

BioID GmbH, based in Nuremberg, offers face recognition and identity verification as a service. With over 20 years of experience, there is a special focus on biometric fraud protection “Made in Germany”. BioID follows the vision of making biometric authentication possible for everyone - with every device and for every application. As a private company with research headquarters in Germany, the user-friendly technologies have been in use by companies, banks and government institutions for many years.


Photo Booth Deluxe
Mr. Jürgen Mayr
Pestalozzi Street 11
97199 Ochsenfurt
Tel .: 09331 8021990

BioID GmbH
Mrs. Ann-Kathrin Freiberg
Bartholomäusstrasse 26D
90489 Nuremberg
Tel .: 0911 99998980


biometrisches Passbild (erstellt mit Breeze2Passport)
biometric passport photo (created with Breeze2Passport)
biometrisches Passbild
biometric passport photo (created with Breeze2Passport)
biometrisches Passbild
biometric passport photo (created with Breeze2Passport)

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