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Photobooth Option 3 multiprint function

Photobooth at company events - put your employees in the right light!

Company events of various sizes are no longer used by any means to present a brand. Rather, such festivities are also ideal for strengthening the bond between employees and laying the foundation for a pleasant working atmosphere. But who would want to remember the cozy get-together with colleagues or the conversation with their supervisor on the basis of shaky and blurred smartphone images? In numerous companies, the photo booth has therefore already managed to become an integral part of events of all kinds.

High-quality collegial moments hold

The Photobooth is more than “just” a photo booth. Rather, high-quality technology ensures that you can transport the quality of a photo studio directly to your company premises. Thanks to an integrated control screen, you can of course always convince yourself of the high quality of your results. In addition to a flash system and a robust housing, there is also a wide range of accessories available. A robust soft case, for example, ensures that you can transport your photo booth comfortably and safely from A to B, while a high-quality media kit also helps you to achieve excellent results.

Many advantages at a glance

At a time when almost every employee in your company should have a smartphone with a photo function, it is all the more important to be able to centrally manage moments in the company's history in one place. In this context, a photobooth not only delivers first-class end results, but also offers you the opportunity to ...:
  • Print out the relevant images on site and give them to employees as gifts
  • uniform the background, for example, tailored to your logo
  • to photograph flexibly and individually, indoors and outdoors.
Make sure you have lasting memories with a photo booth and let the collegiality and the joy of work come to life in pictures!

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