"Photobooth on Tour", or how YOUR company can be present at many markets, public events and festivals


  • You could be present with your company at any number of summer festivals, wine festivals, concerts and other public events in your catchment area
  • You would not have to use your own staff or expensive promotion teams or promotional items

If this sounds interesting then please read on. If not, thank you for visiting Photobooth-Deluxe. You may want one at some point Rent a photo box for a company event.

The idea behind "Photobooth on Tour"

I hope we can agree on that

  • the visibility of the brand at festivals in the region is beneficial for one's own company.
    The positive feelings that such a leisure activity brings among friends are carried over to the perception of your company.
  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular cannot be active and present everywhere on their own at the same time.
  • the distribution of flyers or other advertising at such an event is neither desired nor effective and efficient.
This is exactly where "Photobooth on Tour" comes in:
The guests of the event can photograph themselves in front of the photo box on site free of charge and each person in the photo receives a printout as a memento. The logos of the sponsors (e.g. your company) are placed on this printout.
Please believe me when I say:
  • Your brand has never reached the most prominent place in the customer's house at such a low price.
  • This "advertising material" is not thrown away because you are in the photo and personal memories of a good time with friends are connected to it.
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Together instead of lonely

With "Photobooth on Tour" share the marketing investment with other companies and still have the same success.
Each partner pays a small contribution per event and is therefore automatically part of a regional advertising community. The best thing about it: You decide how high your share should be and how many events per month you would like to be a part of.
An example from practice:

"Photobooth on Tour" took part in the 3-day Rehden autumn market with nine partners. Each partner paid an advertising subsidy of € 200 per event day, making a total of € 600. The stand space was rented, the staff on site, the design work as well as the photo box and consumables were paid for.

A little more than 3000 personal pictures were given to the visitors over the three days.
In this case, the cost per brand impression was only € 0.20.

And what about social media?

I have consistently developed the concept of the photo booth in order to achieve the highest possible range for all participants.
For this reason, the guests in front of the photo box not only receive a printout as a reminder, but at the same time also have GDPR-compliant access to their photo as a file in original quality. Of course, your logo is also present on this digital image. If the picture is shared via WhatsApp, email, Twitter or Facebook, this also increases the reach.

Would you like to turn the guests into visitors to your shop?

There is also a possibility for this, but it cannot be calculated as flat-rate.
In addition to the printed souvenir photo with your logo, the guests will each receive another printout. Only your company with a voucher and contact details is placed on this. At a bakery it can be a free coffee, at the clothing boutique 5 % for the next purchase and at the insurance broker a free check-up call. I am sure that they too will find a good reason to visit a customer.
Since this voucher is printed automatically and in addition to every picture, it is not possible to offer it with a flat rate. In order to still guarantee calculation security, a certain number of vouchers can be booked in advance. The actual consumption is then deducted from this credit after each event.

Summary of the opportunities to participate

€ 200 plus VAT per event day As a partner with a logo on every printout, you decide how many days of the event you want to attend.

One falls once Set-up fee of 250 € plus VAT at. This does not apply if five or more event days are booked.

OPTIONAL: Credit for exclusive additional printouts with your vouchers (will be deducted from the credit after actual usage):
100 € plus VAT for 100 vouchers
200 € plus VAT for 300 vouchers
€ 400 plus VAT for 800 vouchers
800 € plus VAT for 2000 vouchers

We reserve the right to exclude individual companies, organizations and parties from participating without giving any reason.

Are you still interested?

If you've actually read everything and think this is a good idea, I look forward to hearing from you. I will then contact you as soon as possible.