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Eleven good reasons ...

... how to convince your customers of the photo box:

In order to offer your buyers the rental of a photobooth photo box to their clients as a lucrative business, you must clearly show the advantages of digital image sharing.

The most important sales arguments for the customer are:

  1. The privacy-compliant image transfer
    Explain to your buyer how he can convince his client to use pictures as a download in an online gallery without difficulty. In Germany there are legal templates for the use and distribution of images. Offer a solution for this and convince with professional expertise.
  1. The unique selling point compared to competitors
    Make it clear to your customers that you are the provider who deals with all the legal bases for digital image sharing in social networks in advance and can guarantee optimal advice on the subject.
    Show the customer what options his clients have to use logos, company branding and advertising texts on the pictures as a marketing tool. Since you offer a direct solution in advance, you are way ahead of all your competitors and can count on a secure order situation.
  1. The correct presentation of the photo box
    Many customers are bound by company policy procedures and required to obtain multiple quotes before a purchase is approved. With the right presentation and compelling sales arguments, the buyer will choose your product even if it is not the cheapest.
  1. A lucrative additional sales
    With the feature of the online gallery and the integrated FotoPin query, the interested party can immediately see how the online gallery works.
    eg with the TestPhotoPIN ABC54321
    Provide him with the corresponding basic function free of charge and at the same time offer the conversion of the “social locker mechanism” to Facebook and an adaptation of the landing page. In this way, you can maintain your customer data and access important information for relevant promotions.
  1. The high advertising usage via Facebook
    The customer can add the “social locker mechanism” to the online gallery to protect the input field for the photo pin. With one click, the customer has liked a defined target page and can enter their photo pin to download and share a picture.
    Also offer him his Facebook page as a target of the “social locker”.
  1. The enormous social media reach for the customer
    By distributing the images and files at various events and on the Internet, the customer's logos and messages that are worth advertising are automatically duplicated and serve as an ideal marketing tool.
  1. The passing on of originals instead of bad photographed pictures
    With the photo box, original recordings can be shared on Facebook in fantastic quality.
    This prevents copies from getting into circulation and creating negative publicity for the customer.
  1. The reporting function
    With the reporting function, you offer the customer a feedback and control function by logging the social media reach of his images. In this way you stay in contact with the customer and create a familiar basis for further cooperation.
  1. Real-time quality control through the online gallery
    Offer your customers real-time control of the pictures taken via the online gallery.
    In addition to the individual PhotoPin, this supports a so-called MasterPin. During an event, your buyer can use his mobile phone, for example, to check whether the photo box is working smoothly for the client.
  2. The incredible range of many features
    Show your customers how versatile their clients can use the photo box and appeal to their creativity. The photo box can be used for fun activities at company events and captures unforgettable moments. It is not just a camera, but offers your users a sophisticated, digital system with the latest features and the latest software.
  1. The multi-image dissemination
    After weddings and other private events, all guests can download individual images in their original resolution. Using the FotoPin function, it is possible to display all recordings that can be printed immediately or used digitally later.
    Each guest receives their own personal memory of the event and the host is satisfied.

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