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Photobooth Option 11 Branding

The five branding options at Photo Booth

The photo box from Photobooth-Deluxe offers five branding options to prominently place your or your customers' trademarks:

  1. The simplest form of branding consists of adding the company or organizer's logo to the printed and digital photos.
    You cannot achieve better, independent advertising for your company or your events.
    You can also freely design the background of the images. If your event was sponsored by sponsors, include their logos in the photo series.
    This argument will support you in your search for sponsors.
    This form of branding is of course also of interest in the private sector, as z. B. insert the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.
  2. Design the photo booth yourself as an advertising element. We would be happy to stick your logo and brand message on the outside of the photo box.
    This is how you create the ideal connection between your event and spontaneous, happy photos.
  3. The monitor of the photo box is also suitable as an advertising medium. Show commercials between photo sessions at an event.
  4. Photo folders and envelopes are a popular hit at events. The most beautiful, self-made photos can be summarized immediately in a folder or an envelope. This eliminates the tedious exchange of photos afterwards. With Photobooth-Deluxe these folders can be freely designed.
  5. Organize and personalize the picture gallery of your event with Photobooth-Deluxe. You can create your own web gallery for each event and / or transfer the images directly to your Facebook page with an upstream editorial authority.