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Photobootheinsatz as DJ ~ Entertainer ~ Musician ~ Band

Are you already successful as a DJ?
You too could take this 250 to 500 € additional turnover per appearance with you!

A professional musical design is the alpha and omega of a good event. Especially at weddings you set the tone as a DJ.
They adapt to the wishes of the guests and ensure a good mood.
There is also one in your profession big competition. Good marketing and an attractive range of services are therefore your capital and guarantee of success for bookings.

How can one stand out as a DJ / solo entertainer / musician or band from the offer of the competitors?

How about your own photo booth?

You may now say: I am a DJ / solo entertainer / musician or a band and not a photographer!
That is of course correct, but only minimal photographic knowledge is required to operate and maintain a photobooth.
Everything you need to know fits on one or two A4 pages.

Your advantages:

  • You are expanding your portfolio with a professional service that is absolutely trendy.
  • You have a good additional income (approx. 250 - 500 € per evening) with little effort.
  • The photo booth can also be rented separately for events and thus offers an additional source of income.
  • Use the photo booth as advertising space: Provided with your logo or your contact details, the photo booth also fulfills a useful advertising function when booking solo.
  • The adaptation of the photo booth pictures to the data of your customers only takes a few minutes and does not require any additional software such as Photoshop or the like.

The advantages for your customers:

  • Two services from a single source: this facilitates the organization!
  • Compared to a photographer or another photo booth rental company, you have no additional travel and can offer the photo booth at an attractive price.
  • You are on site for questions about the photobooth.
    There are no additional personnel costs for the organizer, for example when booking a photo booth through a separate service provider
  • The customer receives high-quality photos in studio quality which can be handed over on a USB stick for further use after the event.
  • As a DJ / solo entertainer / musician or bank you only pack when the party is over. This also applies to the photobooth. A photographer is usually only on site with the photo booth until midnight at the latest. However, as is known, the best pictures are taken late in the hour, when the mood is at its peak.

Photobooth Deluxe offers you a high-quality, robust Photobooth complete system at an attractive price.
It is set up in a few minutes and ready to start.
The necessary changes from one event to the next can be made in a few minutes and can be done on site. The photobooth system does not have to be set up in the shop or warehouse in between.

Here one Overview of the most important data and facts:

- Weight: 20 kg (including technology)
- Dimensions: 49 cm (width) x 53 cm (height) x 23 cm (depth)
- Stand: stable, height-adjustable speaker stand (tripod or plate) with 35mm flange mount

In addition to the equipment mentioned, when you buy a complete photobooth system, you will receive two hours of free support via telephone and the TeamViewer remote maintenance software.

The photobooth is the current trend in many events. Take advantage of my offer and benefit from the simple possibility to expand your range of services.

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