1-click passport photo system in the town hall


Photobooth-Deluxe offers an extremely compact (approx. 40x40cm footprint) fully automatic passport photo system for municipalities, town halls, residents' registration offices.
The municipality settles the passport photos with the customers.
Photobooth-Deluxe settles accounts with the community afterwards.
This means that citizens can be provided with passport photos close to their home without any financial risk for the community.
Make an appointment for a presentation on 0177/6506111 (Jürgen Mayr) or at office@photobooth-deluxe.de

Details on the 1-click passport photo system

The system consists of three components.
1. A DNP dye sublimation printer
2. A Canon EOS digital camera with permanent power supply
3. A laptop with the software specially developed for this purpose Breeze2Passport software

the process from the point of view of the employee and the customer

Since a picture (video) says more than 1000 words, I filmed the process here in real time.
The video shows both the view of the computer and the view of the customer.
The clock at the top right shows the actual duration of a run including a printout.


For € 60 including VAT per month, we can provide your community with the entire technical solution for creating passport photos. This price includes the hardware, support via telephone & team viewer as well as the first 10 passport photos per month.
Each additional passport photo will be charged with 6 € including VAT / passport photo.
There is NO minimum booking time.


If this could be of interest to your community, send me an email to office@photobooth-deluxe.de or call me on 0177 6506111. My name is Jürgen Mayr.

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