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The later the evening ...

the better the photos. 
The later viewing of pictures z. B. in a photo gallery brings it to light!

Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, anyone who has already been responsible for photographs at a celebration or event can confirm this statement. First of all, everyone tries to maintain composure, striving to look good in the photos and to show themselves from their best side. Which in turn causes headaches for the photographer, as he wants beautiful pictures that show the people authentically and not stiff or cramped. What these recordings usually lack is a certain looseness and spontaneity. 

So treat yourself to a special highlight and treat for your guests - and for yourself when looking at the photos later. With a photo booth you can achieve the photos that you and your guests have wanted for a long time. No posed, boring pictures on which many a stressed face can be seen the previous direction of the photographer. Photos with the photo box are spontaneous, because you and your guests take photos of yourself. Everyone is their own director. This is how pictures arise from a mood and situation. We all know that these are the best and most beautiful. Because spontaneous photos show much more of the mood of the evening than the stylish photo of a guest photographer.

In order to better imagine what a photo box is and what you can do with it, a short explanation: 
The systems from Photobooth-Deluxe are handy, robust and transportable photo booths (small mobile photo studios) that have been specially designed for use at events and celebrations. With a suitable backdrop, props, funny accessories, entertainment tasks and perfect lighting, you and your guests can create excellent images that, based on experience, raise the mood further and demand more. Upon request, your guests can have their photos printed immediately on paper. They can also be sent by email or downloaded directly from a smartphone. On request, Photo Booth Deluxe can also provide one PhotoOnlineGallery available so that the guests can see and download their recordings even days later.