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Photobooth areas of application in a nightclub and bar

As the operator of a discotheque, you naturally always strive to offer your visitors new highlights. An indispensable topic from an economic point of view. You know yourself how much disco guests orientate themselves towards “Have fun and smile”.

With a photo box from Photobooth-Deluxe you create a unique selling point that inspires your visitors. Do not deny your guests the joy and fun of spontaneously taken photos.
Offer accessories that encourage your visitors to create creative and unusual images. An exuberant mood and the desire for more are guaranteed. You will be amazed at how quickly the photo box is besieged once visitors discover the wit and value of these shots.
So don't just use the box as a unique selling point, but make your visit to your discotheque something special; to something that your visitors will be happy to remember and convey.

Your guests decide

Of course, the photos will not be withheld from your guests.
You are free to choose

  • whether you want to delete or keep the recording you have just made
  • whether they take the photo with them as a print or not
  • whether you download the image directly to your smartphone and publish it on social media in the shortest possible time
  • and much more
A photo booth is worth it

Happy, fun and funky! Exuberance and a good mood in a disco night with individually staged photos by the visitors is an economic factor for you as a disco operator that pays off in several ways: 

  • Good-humored guests promote sales; the box represents an additional source of income.
    => Increase in sales
  • Such photos are shown around to friends and acquaintances and published on social media.
    => Awareness increases
  • If you personalize these photos with the logo of your location and work with a clever background design, you will receive advertising that will spread independently and attract new visitors. 
    => Advertising without additional costs
    => Customer acquisition