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The photobooth for corporate customers

A company reception, your own in-house exhibition, company anniversaries and many other events are ideal for using a photo booth. As the head of the company, you know the photos that are later printed in the newspaper or the official gazette. They were staged by the photographer with their personally invited guests or with the team, but do not reflect the mood, the course of the event or the personalities, which are however essential for the BEING and WE feeling of a company. And this is where a photo booth comes in, because from a photographic point of view, your company event is more than just the initial photo session for the press or snapshots from a dedicated photographer.  

The photo booth shows the progress of the event and your guests as you and your guests feel comfortable. Many a wholesaler's in-house exhibition that began with an initial product presentation gains more and more momentum as time goes on. Your customers, who already know each other as professional colleagues, suddenly feel like they are part of a big family. Take the opportunity, because when will these people find each other in the community in a photo?

The photo booth is also a good opportunity to combine spontaneous and self-staged photos with a photo report. These things are indispensable for your public relations work, a press report, your own company newspaper or your own company chronicle. A task that the photobooth can take over for you. No tedious review of the events and course of the event.