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DSLRRemotePro & Greenscreenwizard - Perfect green screen exemption in the photo box

Are you tired of fiddly green screen settings, suboptimal quality and the strange faces of the guests when they look at their photos and ask why there is still so much green to be seen around the head?
Or do you just want to offer your customers the best possible green screen quality?

The green screen feature of DSLRRemotePro provides an excellent liveview view and is optimized for speed off.
If you only pass on the Photobooth results as a printout, you can stop reading here.

However, if you also pass the files on to the customer and value the best possible exposure of the background (using a green screen), the following information will certainly be of interest.

Quality comparison:

The relevant section of the original image can be seen at the top of the post.
The witch hat has become the symbol of green screen quality. With the semi-transparent fabrics, the reflective silver threads and the filigree structures, it places the highest demands on the software.

If you move the mouse over the picture, you can see the difference between the original release using DSLRRemotePro and the green screen wizard.
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How can I use this quality in my photobooth?

I have a communication script with the name for the communication between the Breeze DSLRRemotePro and the Greenscreenwizard Breeze2GSW written. This reads out the parameters used in DSLRRemotePro for the green screen recording and transfers them to the green screen wizard.
Green screen wizard releases the image in the background and “overwrites” the original recording of the camera. Don't worry, of course a backup copy will be made beforehand.
As soon as the release of all images has been completed, the communication script sends a signal to DSLRRemotePro so that the print collage can be processed there.
All functions of Breeze can be used to create the collage. This includes captions (labels, QR code, image positioning, overlay, etc.).

What needs to be considered in the profile?

So that the whole process can run fully automatically, there are a few conditions that must be met.

  1. DSLRRemotePro 3.9.1 or higher
  2. Green screen must be activated in the profile (Ctrl + G)
  3. Liveview must be activated
  4. The countdown time before recording must be at least 3 seconds
  5. The profile must be loaded via Advanced Settings / Profiles.
  6. Under Advanced Settings / Output Options, Delay before creating print layout must be set to 60.
    Don't worry, that doesn't mean your guest has to wait 60 seconds for the picture. This is the timeout for Breeze, which says how long it waits for the image to be returned.
    Depending on the processor performance (which is important), the processing takes between 4 and 13 seconds.

And how does it work in practice?

Very easily. After starting the computer, only a program called Breeze2GSW is started.
This launches in the background both Green Screen Wizard and DSLR Remote Pro and makes all the necessary settings.
You can even automate the launch by putting Breeze2GSW in the autostart.

For the technology freaks

The path of the images during a photo booth sequence is:

  1. DSLRRemotePro makes the recording
  2. Breeze2GSW determines the background used and various other parameters from the current photobooth sequence.
  3. Breeze2GSW transfers the original recording from the camera and the background image used to the Green Screen Wizard
  4. Greenscreenwizard releases the image and transfers it back to Breeze2GSW
  5. Breeze2GSW creates a copy of the original recording and then overwrites the original with the optimized, cropped image file
  6. If it was the last image in the sequence, then a "done" signal is sent to the DSLRRemotePro to start creating the print collage.

Steps 2-5 are repeated for each image of a photobooth sequence.

Green screen wizard can be installed on up to five computers. The license is valid for both the Windows and the Mac version.
The Breeze2GSW The license is valid on one computer.

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