Automatically take standardized employee portraits in Brunsbüttel

Automatically take standardized employee portraits in Brunsbüttel

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Can you always keep your stock of employee portraits for one of the following areas up to date?

  • the CRM
  • Flyer
  • Outlook
  • Intranet
  • ActiveDirectory

Then a photo booth is from Photo Booth Deluxe worth a moment of your time.

Einheitliche Arbeitnehmerportraitaufnahmen automatisiert in Brunsbüttel fotografieren

The use of a photo box for employee photos

The employees in your company are given the opportunity to photograph and/or update their own employee photo at a fixed or regularly changing location (e.g. in the casino or company canteen or HR department).
It is essential that this happens in the form of a self-service process and that additional employees are not needed on site.
You give your workforce the opportunity to identify themselves to 100% around the clock with their personal employee photo.

The personal photos are automatically adjusted to the ideal format, removed from disturbing elements in the background and optionally saved in different dimensions and aspect ratios.

One possible solution

You place a photo booth perfect for employee photos in your company (e.g. in the HR department, at the ID or at the entrance in a quiet corner.
The space required is approx. 1.5 mx 1 m.
There, the employees will stand in front of the photo box in the same way as with the passport photo machine and see the instructions for the necessary steps on the screen.

The screen serves as a touchscreen at the same time as an input terminal for the required information such as B. Personnel number, first name, family name and/or date of birth.
Alternatively, the photo box can also be configured in such a way that the data can be read immediately from the company ID card. The data collected in this way is then an element of the file name of the employee photo taken.
Optionally, a disclaimer screen with a confirmation option for internal / external use of the recording can also be displayed.

Following the photograph of the employee picture, the background of the recording can be automatically replaced with one or several backgrounds specified by you. The head of each photo is also identified, scaled to a specified size and placed in a specified position on the final image.

The recording is saved in a size and aspect ratio you specify (eg square for Active Directory). The file name is used to compare the portrait taken with the internal employee data record. We would be happy to help your IT department define the interface.

As an extra option, a biometric check and an adaptation to a biometric ID photo are available.
Image output can happen in several formats at the same time.
So you always have the best possible photo for
Facebook, XING, WhatsApp & Co, Instagram, LinkedIn, Outlook, the CRM system
etc. at hand.

Of course, each file can also be “personalized” with the company logo and/or the employee's name and position will be immediately visible on the image.

Special advantages of automatic photo processes for reliable employee photos

  • minimized work time
  • if required, RAW data can also be saved
  • even the name of the employee can be automatically inserted into the picture without manual rework.
  • Employee portraits according to your corporate design
  • optional branding with your background and logo.
  • optional data acquisition before or during the recording sequence
  • the employee photo box is noticeably cheaper than a booked portrait photographer

Einheitliche Arbeitnehmerportraitaufnahmen automatisiert in Brunsbüttel fotografieren

How does the photographed person get his picture?

So that not only the CRM system or the Active Directory comes into possession of the new pictures, there are three different ways for the employee to get his picture as a file.

  1. Enter the e-mail address at the end of the photo sequence.
    The captured photo is sent immediately to the employee's mailbox.
  2. Download via QR code from an offline gallery
    The photo box provides a private WLAN which the employee must dial into.
    At the end of the sequence, a QR code is displayed on the touchscreen. This QR code leads to an offline gallery where employees can download their recordings. In contrast to the online gallery, this way only works in the immediate vicinity of the photo booth.
  3. Download from an online gallery
    At the end of the photo sequence, a code is displayed on the touchscreen or printed out, which the employee can use to download his original photo and the various versions for the various target systems.

Other possible uses

To get the most out of your investment, you have the following options:

  • Use at trade fairs to produce personalized “flyers”
  • Photos of groups of visitors, e.g. after a tour
  • Production of biometric passport photos and ID photos
  • Use at employee parties (summer party, Christmas party ...}
  • Photo attraction at customer events & meetings
  • Employee photos (as described above)

Einheitliche Arbeitnehmerportraitaufnahmen automatisiert in Brunsbüttel fotografieren

The need for investment

The price for purchasing a photo box optimized in this way starts at around € 4,400 plus VAT and is worthwhile for companies with around 100 employees.
Of course, there is also the chance to test the system in advance on a rental basis for € 650 + € 1 / employee photo plus VAT per week.
1/2 of the rent will be credited to the later purchase if the system is purchased directly.


Since the system was introduced in 2019, two photo boxes have been permanently installed in this country and in Switzerland.

Both at WWZ AG in CH and at Haufe Lexware, the system is very well received by employees.

If we are able to arouse your curiosity for automated employee photos, then register at 09331 8021990 or send an email to

Einheitliche Arbeitnehmerportraitaufnahmen automatisiert in Brunsbüttel fotografieren