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"Experience the Zwickau event in 360 degrees - experience a unique all-round view with our 360° booth!"

With the Photobooth Deluxe VideoBooth you can record impressive 360° videos of your guests in Zwickau. The VideoBooth is a circular podium with a camera in the center that rotates to film guests. With the help of professional camera equipment and special software, the videos are recorded and then converted into an interactive video. This video is then displayed in a special gallery that you can easily share with your guests and friends via a link. The VideoBooth is the perfect addition to any event in Zwickau. Whether it's a birthday, wedding or company party - with the VideoBooth you can capture unforgettable moments and offer your guests a special experience. Photobooth Deluxe offers you a tailor-made concept that you can adapt to your event in Zwickau. For example, you can integrate a logo or a greeting to your guests into the VideoBooth and adapt the gallery to your company's corporate identity. A great sight in Zwickau is the town church of St. Marien. This beautiful building dates back to the 13th century and is the city's oldest church. The interior of the church is Gothic in style and offers a very impressive experience. You can tour the church inside and out and admire some interesting works of art. There is also a museum in the church that provides information about the history of the church. Visit St. Marien and have an unforgettable experience in Zwickau!

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"Create unique 360° experiences at your event in Wedel with the 360° Booth"

If you want to experience a unique event, a 360° VideoBooth in Wedel is the place for you. With this innovative technology, guests can create a breathtaking video recording that they previously only knew from Hollywood films. The 360° VideoBooth is a combination of a camera that moves in a circle around the platform on which the guests are standing and software that processes the video in real time. In a few seconds you will experience a unique video experience. The 360° VideoBooth is perfect for making an event in Wedel even more unforgettable for guests. Whether it's a company party, a wedding or a birthday, the 360° Videobooth will put a smile on everyone's face. Whether big or small, young or old, there is something for everyone. The 360° VideoBooth is a great way to commemorate an event. A trip to Wedel is always worthwhile because the city has a lot to offer. A special highlight is of course the Wedeler lock. This is a medieval complex that serves as access to the Elbe and is considered one of the first buildings in the city area. During a walk through the Wedeler Schleuse, guests can experience the charms of the old Elbe tunnel and enjoy the atmosphere of the Wedeler Hafen. The 360° VideoBooth is an innovative solution for an unforgettable event in Wedel. Guests can experience a unique video experience here that they will not soon forget. It is also worth visiting the Wedeler Schleuse, which is considered one of the first structures in the city and serves as access to the Elbe.

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"360° Booth - Experience a new level of event experience in Merseburg"

The 360° VideoBooth is a unique way to capture special and unforgettable moments for your guests. The VideoBooth allows you to capture video of your guests on a pedestal as the camera moves around the pedestal and captures video from all sides. This creates videos that offer unforgettable memories to capture. If you want to use a VideoBooth in Merseburg at your party, you've come to the right place. The VideoBooth can give your party a special touch in Merseburg. It allows your guests to take photos of themselves and record videos capturing every moment so it's never forgotten. Your guests can gather in the VideoBooth before and after the event for a video and create unique memories. This way, everyone who attended your party will have a special memory of your party long after the event is over. A special sight near Merseburg is the Merseburg Cathedral. The cathedral is one of the most important buildings of the late 10th century and is considered the tallest church in the area of the former Principality of Merseburg. Numerous cultural treasures can be found in the church, including a more than 1000-year-old Latin text, the so-called "Merseburg Spell". The cathedral is a must for every visitor to Merseburg and guarantees a unique experience.

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"Experience the 360° Booth - A new level of entertainment at your event in Völklingen!"

The 360° VideoBooth is an innovative way to take photos and videos. This service can be used at any type of event and enables a unique experience for the guests. The VideoBooth allows people to record multiple videos with a single button press. The service can be easily integrated into any event in Völklingen. The VideoBooth consists of a pedestal on which the guests stand and a camera that completely surrounds the pedestal. The VideoBooth makes it possible to record videos from several people at once. While the camera moves around the podium, the guests can record individually or together. The VideoBooth is produced in such a way that individual scenes can be created and combined. The VideoBooth can be programmed with custom settings so that the video is recorded at a specific length and quality. The VideoBooth offers an unforgettable experience for the guests at every event in Völklingen. Völklingen is an old mining town in Saarland that has developed into a modern tourist center over the years. One of the must-see sights is the Völklingen Ironworks. The Völklingen Ironworks is a former iron ore mine that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was once used to mine iron ore, but today it is an impressive testament to the industrialized world of the 19th century. Here you can get an impressive insight into the industry and culture of the Saarland.

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